• "What Have We Learned about the Effectiveness of Infrastructure Investment as a Fiscal Stimulus A literature Review" with Maria Vagliasindi (World Bank), World Bank Policy Research Paper 9796. Click Here.

  • “Digital Technologies and Authoritarian Regimes: A Case of Pothole Management in Moscow” with Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No.661 (2020)

       Policy Memo:  Click Here.

  • “Mathematical Expression of Law” with Haluk Emiroglu, Journal of the Faculty of Law, Ankara University, 62(1), 73-92 (2013)

       Paper:  Click Here.

Under Review

  • "Political Dividends of Digital Participatory Governance: Evidence from Moscow Pothole Management", with Gulnaz Sharafutdinova (King's College London) and Jevgenijs Steinbuks (World Bank), World Bank Policy Research Paper 9445.

       Won the 2020 ECA Academy Award, World Bank

      Featured on: RBC, Forbes, WB Let's Talk Development Blog

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  • "Social Distancing and the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in the United States" with Constantin Burgi (SMCM), CESifo Working Paper No.8577.

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