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World Bank & IFC, Washington, D.C., Consultant


Selected Contributions: 

Rethinking Power Sector Reform in the Developing World. 2019. Sustainable Infrastructure; Washington, DC: World Bank.

         Making It Big: Why Developing Countries Need More Large Firms. 2020. Washington, DC: World Bank. 

Global Investment Competitiveness Report 2019/2020: Rebuilding Investor Confidence in Times of Uncertainty. 2020. Washington, DC: World Bank.

How Valuable is the Reliability of Residential Electricity Supply in Low-Income Countries? Evidence from Nepal. World Bank Policy Research working paper no 9311.

Duke University, Durham, N.C., Research Assistant

  • Projects: (1) Group-related interest rate differences in Turkey starting from 1923(2) Financial inclusion rate of Turkey(3) Locational determinants of commercial and financial interactions in Istanbul between 1600 and 1800, June 2014 - June 2016 

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