Contact Information:

George Washington University
Department of Economics,
Suite #340
2115 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052



I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I also work as a consultant at the Office of the Chief Economist of Infrastructure, World Bank.


I completed my masters in Economics at Duke University under a Fulbright scholarship.


My main research interests are development economics, urban & regional economics, and applied microeconomics. Among other topics, my current studies include the effects of electoral competition on the allocation of financial services in developing countries, the roles of economic institutions and geography in regional development and growth, and the impact of digital technologies as a means of demonstrating the government capacity and effectiveness.​

Primary Fields: Development Economics and Growth, Regional & Urban Economics, Applied Micro


Secondary Fields: Health Economics and Political Economy

我是乔治华盛顿大学 (George Washington University)经济学博士生。我还在世界银行基础设施首席经济学家办公室担任顾问。

我曾获得富布莱特奖学金(Fulbright Scholarship)在杜克大学 (Duke University)。

取得了经济学硕士学位。我的研究兴趣包括发展经济学, 城市和区域经济学 以及应用微观经济学。我目前研究的主题包括选举竞争对发展中国家金融服务分配的影响,经济制度和地理在区域发展和增长中的作用,以及数字技术作为展示政府执政能力和效力的新手段所带来的影响。


主要领域:  发展经济学与经济增长,区域和城市经济学, 应用微观经济学

次要领域:  卫生经济学,和政治经济学